The Beachfront

The Beachfront House is designed to provide the optimum position for enjoying relaxed living in the beautiful Port Douglas Beachfront setting. The primary elevated house platform makes for idyllic living in the temperate breezes of the canopy zone of endemic beachfront vegetation.

Two building wings are defined by colonnade sequences, ponds and landscape, formally articulated by twin roof peaks. Twin peaked roofs wrap down to become walls in response to the property bounds of a creek, framing panoramic ocean aspects from the living and master bedroom areas of four mile beach through the dappled light.

We wanted to create a very ‘cool’ house and ESD initiatives were critical design generators in conjunction with other conceptual concerns. The whole house works with cross ventilation and an aperture for venturi effect, accounting for acceleration of air movement through a constricted opening demonstrated in both plan and section. Air is drawn through the house from lower foyer entry ceiling heights into enlarged living spaces.

Bedrooms are cooled with by cross ventilation of tall external openings and louvers above 2.4m high to internal walls. Airflow across the surfaces of shaded concrete slabs allow heat to be absorbed and drawn away from living areas.

The entire building opens onto reflection ponds and pools allowing for evaporative cooling – and has been oriented and further engineered to utilise and control the prevailing winds & summer breezes. The combination of ESD initiatives and planning reduces the requirement for air-conditioning