Cooya Beach House

An enclosed courtyard plan, this project displays an intentionally brutal exterior of raw concrete masonry, breeze-wall and curious cantilever roof forms. The house opens entirely onto the tropical garden framed courtyard – referencing Persian walled courtyard gardens – a secret garden.

This house is progressive tropical living. The front facade concrete breeze-wall is purposely angled to meet the South-Easterly prevailing winds – providing constant airflow through the living spaces.

The courtyard focuses on a central pool surrounded by under-cover walkways & decks – literally outdoor corridors. Cross ventilation cools the concrete block screen. Shaded concrete slab with wind-flow over cools the building.

In all of our work, we strive for innovation and new solutions to the problems of living with climate change in the 21st Century. Integration of Allied Disciplines was critical to the successful delivery of our vision for the project, in particular the hydraulic & structural engineering which not only facilitated the advanced sustainability initiatives but also the practical requirements for withstanding annual cyclonic weather events.