Daintree Carbon Neutral

Located at a very remote and exposed site at the edge of the Daintree Rainforest the building needed to be robust enough to survive a cyclone but light enough to provide an ephemeral canopy that the client family could leisure under at any time of the year.

The building is designed to open up to the views as well as the breezes, creating a building which is totally integrated with its environment. The inside is pulled out, the outside is pulled in. Like the Cape Tribulation project, this is a world class exemplar Carbon Neutral in operation project in the Daintree Rainforest.

The project is part of CWA’s continuing exploration into the use of ventilated roof systems combined with lower level internal thermal mass. The pitches in the roof fascia are a result of a series of smaller thermal chimneys which ensure that hot air is drawn up and out of the interior spaces. The interior spaces feature raw masonry finishes which aid in holding in “coolth” and provide a rigid podium for the roof to sit. The external block walls are perforated with breeze blocks allowing breezes to flow the building exterior. The wide eaves as well as protecting the external wall produce an organic wave like canopy allowing the children to play and inhabit the edge of the building when it rains.