Garners Beach House

Garners Beach House re-configures charms of the shed vernacular’s honest finishes and natural airflow with connection to picturesque surrounds into a stylish retreat. The owners conveyed the wish to live simply in the beautiful setting of Garners Beach north of Mission Beach. Notions of dwelling almost completely outside gave rise to decking of all sides of the house and wide habitable stairs for casually enjoying the weather.

Within limitations of budget and cyclone ratings, we found a unique outcome through exploring window opening configuration rhythms and stripping our approach to residential design back to a bare essence. Silvering natural finished timber battens will blend into the landscape of lush rainforest, and reflect the grey timber of the tree forks stripped bare from cyclone Yasi.

The client’s requested that the house floor plate and living areas never be far from the ground. Level decking and generous wide staircases connect all sides of the building to natural ground levels. The decking ground floor plate continues from outside to inside the house, blurring the threshold between the two.

The house needed to be adaptable to the weather conditions and designed to work passively utilising ocean breezes. Drawing air through the house with gapes between internal floor boards, tall sash-less windows, and doors that can be angled depending on the wind direction allow the whole house to breathe. Timber screening will diffuse much of the heat load on the north and west faces of the building. 2 large 16,000 litre tanks below the house retain water for domestic use.