Gold Coast House, Mermaid Beach

Striking a balance between relaxed luxury living and refined class, the building form was inspired by white refined nautical lines and shells honed or chipped by ocean forces. Like beautiful shells rounded smoothly, bleached white, worn and cleanly chipped by ocean waves the building is reminiscent of mesmerising found objects of the beach.

Like cavernous openings carved by swell, curved edges frame vistas to the ocean and sky. The palate of the beach, clean, white washed debris, warm sand, and strong reflections informs the project’s finishes. Timber ceilings warm the crisp white spaces.

Edging away from neighbours on south side, the building advances towards the ocean, stature square to the rear street, defined from neighbouring houses.

Balconies and living areas open to the ocean front afford proximity and panoramic views while curved awnings act as visors making the house private.