South Yarra Multi-Residential, VIC

Layering of transparencies allows as much natural light as possible into these multi-level terrace apartments. In the physical resolution of these design mediums, louvers and greenery screening give both privacy and integration into an established neighbourhood.

Perforated louvers are cloud-like floating above the ground level fully glazed to let in light from the street. Light throughout the levels is delivered through a central light well. A roof top pagoda, outdoor area, and greenery throughout emphasise the leafy garden context of the area and bring it into the building.

Indenture and layering of the building’s greenery cloaked façade wraps the street side of the building, respectfully establishing its place within the mixed scale residential street. The resolved proportions of this relationship enables the building to blend into the leafy suburb, meet planning requirements, while delivering cutting edge luxury design. Rounded edges are easy on the eye, seamlessly integrating car park ramp turning circles, by formally relating it’s curvature to the building.

The façade sun shading system configuration mitigates the heat load and light penetration of the building while allows the lower warming winter sunrays that permeate the building skin. The careful planning of how and when each room receives natural light reduces the need for artificial lighting.

The apartments respond to the particular needs of those seeking apartment living in Toorak, with easy access to carparks, ample storage for bicycles, a central lift for each apartment. Efficient planning ensures each room has ample access to natural light and greenery aspects.