Chain House, Toorak VIC


This project represents a shift in conventional suburban housing design toward a more sustainable focused outcome. Located on a freehold lot in Toorak, VIC, the client wanted to build a house for their family that wouldn’t negatively impact on the planet. They wanted a big house which had a small footprint.

We collectively agreed to set the goals high and aim for a carbon negative ESD solution. By stacking the functions efficiently one above the other into a three and a half storey building we were able to come up with a cost effective floor to wall ratio. All external surfaces were used to either collect energy or collect water and internal surfaces to store mass. The Light filament screen on the outside provides adequate sun shading whilst allowing adequate views and amenity from the inside.

We are currently developing an engineered carbon negative concrete construction methodology for the delivery of this construction type , we provided a design engineered response to achieve various initiatives including water harvesting, recycling & reticulation, renewable energy generation (solar) non-reliant on backup generation or power grid, Grey water recycling & irrigation, Thermal mass engineering, combined hydronic engineering for both heating and cooling with feed back into mechanical and hydraulic systems. All systems will be controlled via building automation (Dynalite / Clipsal CBUS).