Bailey’s Creek Retreat


A Luxury Retreat located in a Special Facilities Zone set within Daintree Rainforest, this design combines a desire for world class, carbon neutral environmentally sustainable design with the complex technological and functional requirements associated with Luxury Health, Leisure & Resort Design.

Extensive client briefing, review sessions and liaison with various government departments, planning & specialist environmental consultants were held throughout the early stages of the project briefing to try and design out a lot of the delivery problems which are traditionally associated with this building type and in particular deal with the sensitive issues of developing in a remote, conservation environment. Extensive research was undertaken to explore and develop low maintenance and carbon neutral energy use technologies, low embodied energy building fabric solutions, cyclone proofing engineering for the project and a focus on low impact site implementation strategies. Through the adoption of robust sustainable technologies, we were able to significantly reduce the running cost and maintenance programs for the project whilst providing for a world class exemplar tropical ESD solution.

By working from first principle service delivery design and by focusing on robust technology and building fabric solution we were able to design and engineer a low maintenance, low tech, carbon neutral in operation project which still met the complex service delivery models required as well the high quality demands of the global luxury market in the sensitive Daintree Rainforest environment.