Lake Taihu

In collaboration with Jiangsu Provincial Government Client, AUS – Australian Urban Systems (Victorian State Government and RMIT University)

The Lake Taihu Luxury Island resort represents serious collaboration between: the Local Chinese government Authorities, an Australian Trade Organisation (AUS) and a major Australian University (RMIT). CWA were chosen by the AUS and RMIT for its award winning success in tropical design as well its collaborative approach to design.

The key aims for this project were to develop a series of adaptable and efficient building models that could be used in a variety of scenarios. These villa prototypes were to be respectful of the natural island setting as well as integrate with the traditional Chinese villa courtyard plans and culture

Working closely with the local Chinese building industry, CWA developed a light weight concrete modulated system, which could be crudely manufactured off site delivered via boat to the island and assembled without a high degree of building expertise. Once constructed these shells could then be fitted out by more highly skilled craftsmen, without the fear of time delays associated with adverse weather conditions, which typically cripple the profitability of these projects. We were also able to integrate cost effective and culturally sensitive ESD features in the adaptable villa prototypes.